Saturday, December 10, 2005

Grey Skies

Hi everybody, Captain Mack here....
When the skies cloud over and the sunshine just can't quite break through the clouds, the days spent on the ocean still have a beauty of their own. I would like to share some thoughts describing the subtle hues and feel of the sea on these special days, when the winds are light and the sea is quiet....

Grey Skies

Up on deck this morning, just after waking,
was a grey sullen dawn, on sea of lead breaking.
No warmth in the dawn or sign of cheer,
I return below to plot the day's course I’ll steer.

Of silver grey clouds and a leaden sea I dream,
and of Heaven and water with a wooden yacht between.
And of sea smoke rising in the chill dawns air,
a sea bird’s plaintive call , and of a mermaid fair.

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